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Our company is more than 100 years new

Kellanova was launched in late 2023 and is a leading company in global snacking, international cereal and noodles, plant-based foods and North America frozen breakfast, with iconic, world-class brands. The name “Kellanova” signals the company’s ambition for the future, building on the strong brand equity and legacy built over the previous 117 years as Kellogg Company. Click on the arrows below to learn more about our name.


The iconic “K” intentionally connects our heritage and strong foundation that got us to where we are today.

The “Kell” in our name overtly recognizes our enduring connection to Kellogg company.

anova – which combines “a” with the Latin “nova” meaning new – signals our ambition to continuously evolve as an innovative, next-generation, global snacking powerhouse.

The forward-curved and extended “v” embodies our forward momentum as we embark on this next chapter.