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Succeeding together with our supplier partners

Kellanova counts on thousands of trusted supplier partners every day. These supplier partners provide ingredients, packaging, services and co-manufacturing that play critical roles in helping us deliver our trusted and beloved foods to people around the world.

Mutually rewarding relationships with key suppliers allow us to work together to reach our collective full potential and drive competitive advantage. The expectations of these relationships are detailed in our Global Supplier Code of Conduct. When we all work to bring ideas and resources to the table, we create something better. We rely on five shared principles as the main ingredients in our recipe for mutual success.


Kellanova and our suppliers work closely together to develop breakthrough products, services, processes and technology. We depend on these collaborations for key insights and collaborations to stay ahead of the competition, move into new markets, drive sustainability, and continue to drive success through innovation.

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Financial excellence

We look for suppliers who proactively communicate market trends, share a relentless drive for savings and continuous improvement, and think end-to-end to identify efficiencies along the way. Together, we combine lean thinking and execution for financial excellence and long-term stability.

Operational excellence

Flawless execution requires a supply chain that is agile, flexible and responsive. We continually collaborate with suppliers to make transformational changes in operations through adoption of world-class processes. While exploring what more can be done, we remain grounded in safety, quality, service and delivery as we change the world for the better, one idea at a time.

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Responsible sourcing

At Kellanova, we make food people love. Today that means more than food that tastes great. People care about where their food comes from, the people who grow and make it and its impact on the planet.

Through our Better Days™ Promise we are creating positive change through responsible and sustainable business practices. We rely closely on our supplier partnerships to drive environmental and social sustainability efforts across our entire supply chain, from the fields where ingredients are grown to the consumers who delight in our products.

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Supplier diversity

Kellanova works to conduct business with diverse suppliers who represent our consumers and the communities where we live and work, while also ensuring our customers, employees and supplier partners benefit from our partnerships.

To do so, we rely on hundreds of incredible certified diverse ingredient, packaging, indirect services and co-manufacturing suppliers from around the world. These suppliers include Aboriginal-; disability-; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer+-; minority-; veteran and service-disabled veteran-; and woman owned businesses.

A diverse supplier is a business that is at least 51% owned and operated by an individual or group that is part of a historically underrepresented or underserved group. By engaging with a diverse group of businesses, Kellanova brings more innovative ideas to the table. Our supplier diversity efforts also create jobs in often underutilized communities.

Our Kellanova Better Days™ Promise goal is for our North American business to spend $309,306,942 with diverse Tier 1 (Kellanova spend) and $52,395,413 with diverse Tier 2 (Suppliers spend) in 2024.

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